What we do? 

AgriGate is an exporter of premium beef, lamb meat, fresh milk, boxed meals and pulses. We utilise technology that enables real-time tracking of the product, ensuring transparency, efficiency and quality in Agri-business. By eliminating intermediaries in the value chain, we aim to boost sales by increasing consumer confidence, benefitting Australia’s agriculture and rural industries. Our capabilities come with a purpose; to allow Australia’s farm businesses to obtain adequate profit. We aim to maintain & build the Australian reputation of farming by encouraging the next generation to use our technology driven solutions.

How we do it?

AgriGate employs blockchain technology to enable end-to-end tracking of perishable products. This allows us to provide real-time quality reports to key stakeholders in the supply chain. The tracking system is directed towards solving problems relating to counterfeiting and providing transparency at each stage of the supply chain.


The risks taken by regional Australians ought to be rewarded. At AgriGate, we support this initiative by keeping profits local.

We are a team of business professionals with over 25 years of international business experience who are committed to using our skills to improve the lives of others. Through our projects, we aim to give back to society and create outcomes that benefit those who need it most, from disadvantaged kids to Indigenous communities, to our struggling farmers.

Peter Askew, the man behind the Aussie Food to You concept, talks about the project, what it means to him, and what it means to Australian farmers.